Return and Refund Policy


Return and Refund Policy

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refunds and Return Policy, all the goods sold in SHOPPYMORE platform are covered under the 7- or 14-days return policy depending on the goods sold (Return Policy).

1. Application for Refunds and Return

1.1 Buyer may initiate the returns process by communication with the SHOPPYMORE support team or seller through the platform. The indicator of the Return Policy for each good can be found on the goods product page.

1.2 Buyer may complete the online return form. Apply to return the purchased goods to SHOPPYMORE or Seller in exchange for a replacement or a refund. Buyer shall ensure that the purchased Goods are returned to SHOPPYMORE or Seller within 7 or 14 calendar days from the delivery date, depending on the applicable Return Policy. For avoidance of doubt, the countdown starts from the date the Buyer received the purchased goods to the post stamp date on the return parcel. In case of damaged goods, please contact SHOPPYMORE or Seller within 48 hours of receiving the delivery to expedite the claim process.

1.3 Buyer may only apply for return of the purchased goods in the following circumstances:

  • The goods delivered to Buyer is defective and/or damaged on delivery.
  • The goods, fashion items, which does not fit (not applicable for fashion items from overseas Sellers).
  • The goods delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description provided by Seller in the listing of the goods.
  • The goods delivered to Buyer does not match the agreed specification (e.g. wrong size, colour, etc.) stipulated in the order.
  • Buyer has a change of mind regarding the Goods and such other circumstances which may be prescribed by SHOPPYMORE on the Platform.

1.4 Notwithstanding Clause 1.3 above, milk formula products are returnable except for "change of mind" requests. Buyer is to ensure that product is not opened, as otherwise it will not be accepted for return.

1.5 Notwithstanding Clause 1.3 above, return or cancellations of any perishable goods are not allowed. To ensure that Buyer is satisfied with the product Buyer received, Buyer should inspect the contents as soon as the order arrives.

1.6 The application for return of Purchased Goods may also be subject to additional terms and conditions prescribed by SHOPPYMORE as per below. Questions and complaints with regards to returns:

  • If you have any questions or complaints, (i) you may either contact the seller directly via the platform or (ii) contact SHOPPYMORE using the “Contact Us” page on the platform, as applicable.
  • In the event that Buyer is unable to resolve any dispute with Seller directly through amicable negotiations, SHOPPYMORE reserves the right to suggest and implement an appropriate resolution at its sole discretion.

2. What you need to Know about our Return Policy?

2.1 Reasons of Returning of an Items

Goods are eligible for return according as per below:

  • Damaged Product.
  • Defective Product.
  • Wrong Size (Fashion Items Only, includes Footwears).
  • Product Not as Advertised.
  • Wrong Item Delivered.
  • Missing Parts / Items.
  • Change Of Mind.

**Please note that Condition(s) must be meet prior to submitting a return request which covers the following criteria(s). Please fill in the additional comments section as these will give the seller more information about the reason for your return request. This is for the seller to decide on approving or rejecting your request.

2.2 Types of Return Policies.

2.2.1 7 or 14 days Return Policy.

The return varies from 7 days or 14 days depending on the types of the Items. Checking your items return policy and validity is essential. You may find it in the service section within the product page. For your information the return validity periods begin from the delivered date.

2.2.2 Non-Returnable

Due to hygiene purposes, below are the list of non-returnable but not limited to items includes:

**You can check on the eligibility of the return policy of the item that you have purchased on the service section of the product page.

  • Items classified as hazardous materials or use flammable liquids or gases (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information).
  • Any product missing the serial number.
  • Downloadable software products.
  • Gift cards (except as required by law).
  • Prepaid game cards (World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points, etc.).
  • Some jewellery orders.
  • Some health and personal care items.
  • Fresh flowers and live indoor plants.
  • Open software.
  • Baby Soother, Baby Bottles, Breast Pump.
  • Breast Pads & Nipple Shields.
  • Condoms, Lubricants.
  • Cosmetic Products, Skin Care Products, Brushes, Related Make-Up Tools.
  • Ear Plugs / Earphones / Earbuds.
  • Earrings / Studs.
  • Food & Beverage Items.
  • Fragrances.
  • Men and Women’s Undergarments.
  • Swimming Trunks, Swimsuits and Bikinis.

2.3 Change Of Mind

2.3.1 Change of Mind defines that you have decided that you do not want an item after purchasing it.

2.3.2 Bear in mind you will not be able to return your items under “Change of Mind” If you have opened the product packaging which refers to the original packaging, example the mobile phone box.

2.3.3 However, this does not apply to fashionable items. These items can be returned under “Change of Mind” even after the product packaging has been opened. Do ensure that the item is still in good condition. If the original packaging is available, ensure that the box is in good conditions and returned together with the item. Product tags and labels are still attached.

2.3.4 Finally, to check whether the item can be returned under “Change of Mind” click on the service section on the product page.

2.4 To ensure that Return products is not rejected by the Seller

2.4.1 The returns item’s needs to be:

  • Same conditions as it was received.
  • Safely packed to ensure a safe return from Shipping.
  • Returned label attached is a must.
  • Drop off your item at the selected courier partner as per stated on your return label.
  • If the returned item above the maximum size and weight specified by the courier partner, please do contact SHOPPYMORE customer Service to arrange to have your return package picked up.

3. What you need to Know about our Return Process?

3.1 Check the return validity period based on the items return policy.

3.2 Initiate a return request on the items that you would like to request to return.

3.3 Need to wait for the Vendor to respond. The Vendor will be given 5 working days to respond on the return request. If there is no response after 5 days working days, the request will auto be approved.

3.4 Request approved and the items required to be returned: Will receive notification and need to complete the details to generate the return label and proceed to drop off the products at the selected courier.

3.5 Request approved, but not required to return the items: The refund will be processed as per your payment method.

3.6 Partial Refund, but not required to return the items: Need to cancel the old request and reinitiate a new return request with the agreed refund amount.

3.7 Request rejected: May dispute the sales transaction and SHOPPYMORE team will assist to provide the decision in 5 working days from the dispute.

** Please note that the Return Label needs to be attached on your return package.

3.8 Need to drop off the return package to the selected courier partner, and it will take approximately 1 week for the return product to reach the vendor.

3.9 Quality check needs to be done by the vendor, either approved / rejected an email notification will be received to your registered email. (Refund only will be processed for return item if it’s a valid return).

3.10 Refund processing will defer based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. (Bank will take time for the Refund process after SHOPPYMORE has completed the refund process. The refund amount will only be reflected in the account or credit card statement once the bank completed the processing.)

3.11 You can check on the Return status on our SHOPPYMORE.COM.

3.12 The return accessories need to be returned in original conditions. (Missing Items will cause return to be rejected).

3.13 Take a photo of the items before and after wrapping the items. Need to ensure that the items are packed and sealed securely.

3.14 You may also cancel the return request, if you wanted to.

4. What you need to Know about our Refund Process

4.1 If the courier has failed to deliver your package, you will receive an email notification on it. The process of returning the package will take approximately 1 week to the respective vendor for the refund process to take place. Failed on the delivery might be due to the below given reasons:

4.1.1 Customer not able to be reached.

4.1.2 There were no trusted recipients to receive the package.

4.1.3 Package has been rejected on the doorstep.

4.1.4 Destination of the delivery is outside of the delivery area.

4.2 If the order is cancelled, the refund amount will include the total shipping amount.

4.3 If a voucher is purchased, it's required to call the Customer Service team for the validation request so that the voucher can be reused for future purchases. It is also subject to voucher usage terms and conditions.

4.4 If the Voucher issued by the vendor, it's required to reach the vendor to check if they can revalidate the voucher for future use. (Subject to Vendor approval)

4.5 An email notification will be sent for any orders that have been cancelled upon your request.

4.6 The refund that is made for your order will be the total of the actual paid price for the products, together with the shipping payments. Any usage of the voucher will not be included in the refund, but we need to re validate the voucher for future purchases subject to the voucher’s usage terms and conditions.

4.7 The refund may vary based on partial cancellation or returning only some of the packages from the order that has been made.