1. Live Streaming

1.1 Shoppymore Live Platform is a feature that allows seller to broadcast their product via live stream to not only show potential users your product but also to interact with your buyers. Not only does this allow you to engage your buyer better but also to build trust for them to buy from you directly.

1.2 You can use Shoppymore Live Platform to broadcast some benefits / effects / demo of the product you are selling. However, you can also be creative with your content as per the guideline stated below. Selling is not mandatory so do be creative with your content! For more information about this you can check out our article in Seller Education Hub about "What is Shoppymore Live Platform Streaming?" and "All about Shoppymore Live Platform." Your registration will be processed on a weekly basis and you will be informed via notification once you have successfully registered for it.

1.3 In order for you to participate in such exciting feature, all you need to do is to fill up THIS FORM and prepare a good camera with internet connection (any mobile phone with good camera will do just fine) for you to perform your very own live event on Shoppymore.

1.4 After you have successfully registered for this feature and receive a confirmation from us, you can then schedule your own Live Session using the steps below:

  1. Plan your stream sessions. Plan out your content, the products, and what you want to say during the stream.
  2. Click the link below and register your upcoming streams on the "Coming Soon” section. This allows viewers to know when your upcoming streams will be.
  3. Do not forget to stream! Remember to go live on the date and time that u have allocated on the “Coming Soon” section.

1.5 Cannot wait to start your own livestream session? Try the steps below:

  1. From your Shoppymore App Click "ME" and click on "Live Streaming".
  2. Insert your best cover photo, title, and description. Tell your buyers what product you are streaming on live and then click "Next". Check your camera whether it is working correctly, once already you can click "Go Live" to get started.

1.6 To ensure you build a loyal fan base for your streams and products, you can set a specific time to stream daily and make sure your viewers are aware of it.

2. Submit a rating for Vendor/Seller.

2.1 Receiving a good rating from a buyer is a bonus and appreciation of your service given to the buyer.

2.2 Although rating is not mandatory to be given from the buyer, a seller may still ask for it politely through chat when the order is completed.

2.3 However, do you know that Shoppymore on the other hand would give them 5 Shoppymore coins if they fulfilled the following criteria when giving the product a rating:

  1. Rating must contain no less than 50 character, ("Good Product" is counted as 12 character)
  2. Rating must contain no less than 1 picture.
  3. Rating must contain 1 short video review.
  4. Vendor/Seller can always remind your user about these extra coins when you ask for a rating from your buyers.
  5. Vendor/Seller on the other hand can then rate the buyer as well after they have given their rating to show that you are concern of your buyer's feedback about your product and services.

2.4 Checkout "How to write a high-quality product review" and "Why is my product review removed" to understand better about product reviews and ratings.

3. Days to Ship (DTS)

3.1 Days to ship is the time for you to prepare the order and ship it out to your buyers.

3.2 For normal listings (not pre-order) the "Days to Ship" is 3 Days.

3.2 For normal listings (not pre-order) the "Days to Ship" is 3 Days.

3.3 For pre-order listings, seller can set the "Days to Ship" between 7-30 Days.

3.4 Do note that if you ship it out late it will be marked as late shipped order and may cause you finance penalty.

3.5 If you require more time, to prepare your orders, you may edit your days to ship by turning on the pre-order tag to better manage your buyer's expectation.

3.6 You may mass edit your days to ship from the seller centre via:

  1. My Product > shipping tracking> days

3.7 Pre order listings with days to ship of 7-30 days will not be affected by the 2-days to ship threshold.

3.8 If you encounter any shoppymore or Shoppymore Supported Logistics system issues, please reach out to our friendly customer service team to submit your appeal with proof.

4. How to become a seller?

4.1 Welcome to Shoppymore! First of all, to start your journey as a seller in Shoppymore, do ensure you have completed the account registration with your phone number and set a catchy username for yourself.

*Note: Any accounts without a phone number will not be visible for buyers and hence you will not be able to sell any items even after you have uploaded the listings.

4.2 Once you have successfully created your account, you may proceed with the following steps to list your first product in Shoppymore. Do not forget to publish your product to make it visible to buyers! Your product is now listed on Shoppymore! Click Here For More Info

5. Request for Refund

5.1 Should buyer receive dissatisfied item or not receive item, they can request for refund and all payment will be withheld from being released to seller until the case is resolved. Click Here For More Info